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Are you looking for someone who can empower you with the technology side of your business by using less with more confidence and hence achieve a business set up that is based on simplicity and easy  for you to use?

I can help you with that.


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What I Do

Custom Packages

I specifically focus on helping Solopreneurs like yourself getting set up with the below two tools:

Asana (Task & Project Management) & Mailterlite (Email Marketing)

Connecting the Dots

A clarity session for those that want to get out of the ‘techie fog’ and into streamlining their tools and apps.

Step Up & Get your Tech Sorted

4 week 1 on 1 intense hands-on program to get your basic tech (& admin) under control, so you can re-focus on what you love with more confidence.

My Appearances

From the Blog

Why you should use Asana in your Coaching business

Why you should use Asana in your Coaching business

Do you have a place where you organise your own as well as your coaching client work? Somewhere central to know what tasks and work needs to be done by yourself? If you have answered ‘no’ and you feel you want to start working on this, then I believe it’s time to look...

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How Sticky Notes can help your busines

How Sticky Notes can help your busines

How can Sticky Notes help you with your 'Solopreneur' business? Why can they be so super useful especially when you are starting out? Sticky notes have been around since the early 1980s and are a regularly used stationary item in any office and business. Often these...

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